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Volunteer Spotlight: Kye and Eva!

Left Foot Organics  would like a to introduce you to two very special individuals. Out of the 700 or so volunteers who generously offer their time and talents to Left Foot each year, there are many who make a commitment and become regulars at the farm. This season we have been blessed with several very dedicated volunteers who turn out  week after week, rain or shine, to work with us. Today I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge two extraordinary Left Foot volunteers: Kye Bartsch and Eva Fitz.

Kye harvesting and bunching cilantro.

Kye Bartsch heard about us from a family member and started volunteering with us in June. Kye quickly distinguished himself as a reliable worker and great guy to have around. He was offered and decided to accept a position as a Work Share CSA member and began coming every Thursday to work in exchange for his weekly box of veggies.  Kye arrives bright and early each Thursday morning to harvest crops for our CSA shares  and works until 5:30 with our Farm Production Assistant, Breezy Medina. Kye is well known for his sense of humor; after long hours of picking green beans he has been known to have attacks of  “Bean Fever”  a condition causing hilarity and extreme silliness to ensue, but don’t  think that means he isn’t a hard worker! LFO Grower, Joe Hocker, had this to say about Kye, “He has an excellent work ethic and has been a good leader for me and other Growers. I enjoy working with him. Kye works hard.” Kye is quick with a smile and full of anecdotes and life stories. We are fortunate to have him and are thankful for his contribution.

Eva beneath the drying garlic.

There is no such thing as a typical Left Foot volunteer; they come from diverse backgrounds and with varying abilities. Take Eva Fitz, for example. Eva is a senior citizen who grew up in Germany and was trained in gardening there. She is a veteran volunteer who is deeply committed to giving back to her community. She has volunteered in Washington, D.C. working in greenhouses; in Bellingham, WA, grooming Service Dogs; and at Panorama City’s Convalescent Center.  Eva is incredibly fit and strong; when she isn’t volunteering at LFO she is off hiking in the mountains or having other adventures. Eva comes to the farm every Friday morning to work side by side with our Growers and Crew in the fields, offering both guidance and comaraderie. Eva told me she likes to come to Left Foot for the chance to work outside and to spend time with the friends she has made here. We value her for who she is, the work she does, and the richness she brings to our community farm.

To find out how you can become our next volunteer super star contact the Left Foot Volunteer Coordinator at 360.754.1849

by Sky Myers

We Love Volunteers!

We can never get enough of them!  Left Foot relies on the work of dedicated volunteers to supplement the work of our growers.  An estimated 45% of the work done on the farm is completed by faithful,  generous community members who want to support the mission and vision of Left Foot.  Please gather your family and friends and come to the farm to roll up your sleeves and get dirty.  It is fun and you will be glad you did it!  We will be too.

LFO Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Seth Miller, a loyal volunteer at Left Foot since early August 2011.  Seth faithfully rides his bicycle to the farm 4 days a week to work with our crew members.  He has also helped out with the Tumwater Farmers Market several times and tabled the Capital Campus Combined Fund Drive event for us this year.  His dedication and reliable donation of time has been invaluable this fall as we worked through the busy harvesting season.   Here are a few words from Seth about his volunteer experience  over the past few months:

“My wife and I moved to Tumwater at the end of June for her new job with the Tumwater School District.  We began shopping at the Tumwater Farmers Market where I found out about Left Foot and I began to follow the farm’s Facebook page.  When a call went out for volunteers for a Wednesday morning in early August I decided I could help out while I was still in the process of looking for a new job.  I’ve been out almost every weekday morning since to help out.

 One of my favorite things about volunteering at the farm is that there is always something new to learn.  Though I spent many of my morning’s only harvesting zucchini and beans this summer I have appreciated the opportunity to learn about the lifecycle of a farm.

Since I have spent so many mornings at the farm, I have been able to better get to know some of the growers.  I really appreciate that I am often asked how my wife is enjoying her job or about my bike ride to the farm.  It has made for a very welcoming and inclusive work environment.  I enjoy how a farm offers jobs of all varying ability levels.  Even though I only have minimal experience gardening, it seems like there is always something I can do to help out.”

Thank you, Seth for being such a good friend to the farm and wonderful role model for us all.  Your time and contributions are very much appreciated.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for a memorable and fulfilling volunteer experience call Jill, the Volunteer Coordinator at 754-1849 for more information.

May Volunteer Saturday this Weekend!

4-H Helping Hands on the Farm

Come on out to the farm this weekend! We will have a fun morning working in the fields followed by a gourmet meal by Chef Peter Witt and a hands on workshop on making Tea Tree Oil salves. Give us a call at 754-1849, comment on this blog or email the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@leftfootorganics.org if you can come.