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Please refer to our website – www.leftfootorganics.org – for more information on CSA!

Sign up for our 2011 CSA!


Join us in creating meaningful work for people with disabilities and rural youth, all growing good food for you!

Stomach Growling?

Summer CSA Season:  June 1 to October 31 (flower shares July-October)

Delivery Schedule:

        Wednesdays (Tumwater Farmers Market)

        Thursdays (All Olympia Sites and the Farm)

        Saturdays (Proctor Farmers Market, Tacoma)

Payment:  First payment of $175 due with application.  Balance due upon first delivery.  Or pay in full and choose a tote bag or t-shirt, free!           

Name     ________________________________

Address ________________________________


Email     _________________________________

Phone   _________________________________

   Full share……$525 (on-farm pick-up $475)

   Half share……$290 (on-farm pick-up $265)

(half shares delivered every other week)
   Flowers………$160 (on-farm pick-up $135)

I prefer to pick up my produce at:

The farm (Case Rd. and 113th)  (Thursday after 3pm)

Tumwater Farmers Market (Israel & Capital, Wednesdays 11-2pm)

Westside Olympia (6th and Decatur, Thursday after 5pm)

Downtown Olympia (Fertile Ground Guesthouse, Thursdays after 5pm)

Tacoma (Proctor Farmers Market, Saturdays, 9-2pm)

Here is my tax deductible contribution to the

Left Foot Organics “seed fund”

$100     _  $50 __    or $                      

Please mail this form with your check to:


PO Box 12772

Olympia, WA   98508       Thank you!


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