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Left Foot Organics operates an organic market garden on about five acres, producing a variety of certified organic seasonal vegetables and flowers for sale in local markets. We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables, from arugula to zucchini. We also have eggs from our free range flock. As we expand, we plan to add more crops, plants, and small livestock with the objective of working up to twenty-five acres over time. We offer CSA subscriptions for supporters who are willing to help us “earn while we learn” and keep Left Foot growing.

Left Foot provides part time, paid employment year round for 10 growers. We work with individuals at varying developmental levels, with special emphasis on those who are most difficult to serve. Our Growing Partners program, which offers an inclusive workplace experience for rural youth, now includes year round paid employment and enrichment activities. Volunteer, internship and other training opportunities are also available throughout the year. Everyone works together on the farm regardless of their particular abilities or disabilities, supporting, teaching, and learning from each other. Our long-term goal is to become a model horticultural therapy program and community resource, providing year-round employment, volunteer and training opportunities for all who share our vision.

Sources of Farm Staff
Farm crew members, growers, are first of all people who enjoy being outdoors, working hard, seeing crops and animals grow, and being part of a team where everyone does their best. They find us, and we find them, through:

  • High school transition program students and graduates
  • Referrals from employment service providers
  • Referrals from current crew members and their families
  • Developmental disability advocacy and support groups

Sales are a critical component of revenue for Left Foot. Direct sales are also an essential learning tool, making the connection for employees between their work on the farm and its value to the community, while at the same time increasing the public’s awareness of the need for, and benefits of inclusion.

However, because of our multiple objectives—growing food and people, nurturing plants and community — sales are not our sole source of program support. Additional funding comes from grants and tax deductible individual contributions. Left Foot Organics is a registered non-profit corporation with Federal 501(c)3 tax exempt status (EIN#91-2167831). We gratefully accept your donations in dollars and in kind, including your surplus garden tools and volunteer time.


4 Responses

  1. I am excited to have found you! I am trying to form a small “intentional family” (and perhaps later a community) of young parents, self reliant teens, and other people who feel that they are in need of mentorship and supports to continue on their life plans. It’s not complicated, but a bit lengthly to explain it all here but would be happy to flesh it out if you would like to know more. Part of this endeavor is to teach the importance of knowing how to grow a good organic garden, how to cook the food, know the nutritional content of what they and their kids eat, how to “put up” food and other life skills that they will find valuable in their lives as responsible consumers and parents. It also will give a set of mentoring “elders” a chance to pass on these skills to the next generation lest they be lost alltogether. Now it’s more important than ever to know these skills and more. A communal existence with lots of love and support will be an exciting new marriage of several previously seperate support mechanisms to young people. I believe that this is a natural and important step in the evolution of our culture that can go far to helping to mend many social ills in America.
    I look forward to your input and will visit you as soon as I can after the holidays.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    Lynda Swanson

    • Hi Lynda,

      How are things going for you? My name is Jill, the new volunteer coordinator at Left Foot. I was reading over your reply to our blog and wanted to touch base with you regarding your endeavor to form the small “intentional family.” What a great idea. Have you made any progress in the last 5 months? Is there some way we can connect to provide a place for you to bring folks to learn about organic farming? We have volunteer Saturdays every 3rd week of the month and are also open to volunteers working during the week if that is better for their schedule. There are many opportunities to learn all aspects of organic farming.

      Let me know if you would like to come out to the farm to visit and discuss the possibilitites.

      Jill Esbeck
      Volunteer Coordinator
      Left Foot Organics

  2. Which school districts do you partner with? How would a disabled high school or transition student (and his mother) find out how to apply to work with Left Foot?

    • Thank you for your inquiry, Sarah. Left Foot Organics works with all local school districts and transition programs to hire employees. We are currently fully staffed and are not hiring. If a student and/or parent would like to learn more about our program and pathways to employment at the farm, I would encourage them to contact our Employment Support Staff member, Jane Jones at work@leftfootorganics.org.

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