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Saga of the Left Foot Felines

As 2012 comes to a close, we are buttoning up the farm for the winter holiday and a much deserved week off for our dedicated farmers and staff. Farm Manager, Lydia Beth and her crew have done a fantastic job of harvesting and getting our winter vegetables to our CSA members and market customers. If you are member you know what I am talking about!

As Volunteer Coordinator, my usual duties have been winding down this past month except for one special side project I have taken on: the Left Foot Feline Project. All summer we saw feral cats around the farm, and we noticed a considerable decrease in mice and other pests as a result. Then in late September we discovered that one of the cats had become a mother. We talked over the problem and I volunteered to take on the task of capturing the adult cats and taming the kittens. With the help of Feline Friends of Olympia we were able to get all three adults and all three kittens altered to stop the cycle of procreation. Steamboat Animal Hospital performed the surgeries, and Feline Friends generously picked up the tab. They even loaned us a kitty condo to hold the kittens in until adopted. Jo and the other volunteers at FF do so much good work for the stray and abused kitties, I urge you to support their program in anyway you can. It turned out that the mother cat was the only female and all five others were her male kittens from two separate litters.  Only the mother cat needed extra recovery time. Another local nonprofit organization, Covenant Creatures*, stepped in to pay for the extra boarding.


The three little ones: Saddlebag, Kazoo and Lefty!

After much discussion with experts and online research, I learned that adult feral cats are nearly impossible to tame enough for adoption into homes. Consequently Mama and her two adult sons have been  released on the farm to live out their lives as mousers.  Having been spayed and neutered, they have a better chance of staying healthy, avoiding fights, and living a better life overall.

Super Mama recovered just fine from her spaying surgery.

Super Mama recovered just fine from her spaying surgery.

The kittens were a different story.  At only two months or so, they were taming up quite well, so I knew they would eventually adapt to indoor life.  By the time I got them in to the clinic for neutering they all accepted petting, had stopped hissing, and were quite curious about people. Technicians at the clinic fell in love with two of the kittens and adopted them on the spot.  The third little fella, whom I call Lefty, has not yet found his forever home. I believe he is about three months old now. He allows petting but is still half wild; he accepts petting, but not being picked up.  I am working on getting him better socialized with daily handling. I have a small sturdy cage for him and carrier as well. Both will go with him to help transition him from outdoor to indoor life. Lefty will need to get his shots, but has been treated for ear mites and fleas. He is healthy and uses his litter-box.  He is not suitable for a home with young children and may take a month or more to adjust. If you or anybody you know, can adopt this little sweetie and give him the attention he needs to gain trust and continue his journey to domestication, please contact me at 425-345-7913 or volunteer@leftfootorganics.org.

I’m Lefty, and I need a warm, safe, forever home.
Can you help?

* Covenant Creatures has recently lost their space and are seeking a new place for their organization. If you have a lead on a warehouse or shop that might be suitable for their operations please contact them at: 360.357.6301  or  covenantcreatures@vircom.net.


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