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Our Incredible Community!

What a remarkable community we live in! 

I am consistently delighted at the goodwill that flows from our community back to Left Foot Organics. Wherever I go, from tabling events to  coincidental meetings on the street, people know about Left Foot and express their appreciation for the good work we do and great food we grow, but nothing has illustrated this as strongly as the generosity demonstrated at our 7th Annual Fun Farm Formal. The event was held on September 29th, and was huge success.

Board President, Pat O’Neil shares a laugh with LFO Grower, Joe Hocker

This year’s event was planned and organized by a committed group of volunteers and Board Members who, in spite of a short planning period, set the bar high and met their mark to put together a successful event.  From gathering the more than eighty donated auction items from local businesses and individuals to procuring the salmon and gathering decorations, the Event Committee did an outstanding job.

What impressed me most though, was the warmth and support of our guests. These folks came out to demonstrate their ongoing commitment and to renew their bond with LFO.  We welcomed current and former employees,  their families, donors, CSA members, local politicians, representatives from other like minded organizations, farmers, artists and poets, each one making their contribution to ensure the future of Left Foot Organics is solid, stable and fertile.

The White sisters took a truckload of raw materials from the farm and transformed the place with bouquets in autumn colors.

The evening began with our proud LFO employees greeting guests as they arrived.

First stop: our  Farm stand where folks could buy an LFO tote bag and fill it up with their choice of vegies.

Grower, Richard Huffine , his brother Robert, and their Assistant, Chris Sullivan, arrived early and eagerly awaited for the event to get under way.

Live music set the tone for wine and appetizer hour.

Poet Sydney Barker created and read an original tribute to Left Foot that touched the very heart of the organization.

Guests check in on their bid in the final minutes of the silent auction.

Emcee extraordinaire, Gary Altman, conducted the live auction before dinner was served.

Sam Boesenberg takes the stage to tell his story and highlight the importance of the Growing Partner program.

Yes, of course, we raised much needed funds, but perhaps as importantly, we raised spirits and planted seeds for new relationships.  If any doubts existed about our future, they surely dissolved in the enthusiasm that filled the room as we listened to Victoria Wortberg, our new Executive Director, outline the path we would take toward achieving our mission and creating a fiscally sound future for our organization.  Finally, we heard from some of our employees who stepped up to the mic and spoke heartfelt testimonials about the impact LFO has had on their lives.

In closing, the entire staff would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who contributed and participated: LFO Board of Directors,  Spatichad Enterprises, US Foods, Northern Fish,  Olympia Federal Savings, Ellen Parks, Washington Federation of State Employees Local 443, and the entire Event Committee.  We’d also like to thank our Founder, Ann Vandeman, for having the vision and determination to create a farm where the contributions of people of all abilities are valued, where respect for the land is paramount, and where some of the finest organic vegetables in our region are grown. It is an honor to carry that vision forward.

 Ann Vandeman’s daughter, Geraldine, reminding us all why we do what we do!

by Sky Myers, Volunteer Program Coordinator


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