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Help is on the Way!?!? Please say, “Yes it is. . . “

Volunteers weeding the beds

Greetings all you farm enthusiasts!  We are starting to get some work done out here now that we have had some clear(er) weather and the fields have finally dried up enough to run the tractor in them.  Now the race is on to keep up with the weeds and get the transplanting done.  We are looking for some folks eager to get down and dirty on the farm with some specific tasks.

LARGE GROUP PROJECT:  Native Plant Grooming – the grass and thistles are making their way into our perennial beds and we need to fight them off.  Please gather your friends, family, class, service group together and come on out to the farm for a day of community building while you give breathing space to the native plants.

SATURDAY WORKERS – We are always here Saturday mornings and need all the hands we can get to catch up on the work from the week that got left undone.  Please consider coming out to the farm to pitch in this weekend.

JIGSAW Project – calling all handy persons!!  Here at Left Foot, we love to sit together at lunchtime in the sun at our outdoor tables. We have a donated patio table that  has no lid top so our lunch keeps falling to the ground.  Please help us find someone to cut a round top to fit inside our frame!

Artys Project – We are looking for a few creative types to make some cool tags for a Tool Check Out board.  The project plan is in place but needs some workers to bring it to fruition. 

All these opportunities are yours for the taking.  Just give me a call, 360-754-1849, and we’ll set up a time for you to come out and be a part of the fun at Left Foot Organics.

Hope to see you soon!!

Jill Esbeck

Volunteer Coordinator


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