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Left Foot says Good-Bye to a True Farm Ambassador


Glenn and Ann with a photo collage of Glenn's career at Left Foot

March 25, 2010 was a remarkable day at Left Foot Organics,  the day we said good-bye to our friend, Glenn, who had been a grower at LFO since 2003. Ask any previous employee and almost any volunteer to identify one of our Growers that helped them understand the essence of our work here together on the farm, and Glenn’s name is bound to be front and center.   What makes Glenn so special? No one, and I mean no one on the farm does a better job of introducing himself to new people than Glenn does. Quick with a “Hello, Madam, my name is Glenn. Have I seen you here before?”, he taught us all about the importance of feeling included.

Without Glenn none of us would be as informed on the virtues of GMC pickups, the Seattle Seahawks, John Candy movies or music from Brittney Spears and Pink Floyd.  Without Glenn we would not have invented Rutabaga Bowling on the farm or would not have played Pin the Tail on the Donkey together as we did for his birthday in January.  Glenn was a popular Left Foot representative at the Governor’s mansion, at our stops on the compost run and in various other community activities where he was greeted warmly.

Glenn with his Mt. Rainier Goodbye/Birthday Celebration Cake

He is already so missed here at the farm. We do take comfort in quoting “Glen-isms” to one another, like calling each other Madam and Fellow and by reminding each other to “have a positive attitude.” 


Looking sharp in his new hat, Glenn wanted everyone to know that if he had a real life groundhog's day - he would spend it working at Left Foot Organics again!


It’s true: Glenn changed us. We are all better people for having known Glenn. We’ll be anxious to keep up with him in his new life in Idaho (“something new and different,”  he would say) and we’ll look forward to having a visit from him in the months to come.   Thanks for being you, Glenn.  You helped make this a better world for all of us.

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