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What’s Growing On

I think we must declare “Spring Sprung!”  I’d be curious to hear your evidence… Let me give you ours from the farm: 

 1.  Trina, one of growers is already wearing tanktops.  After having staved off the winter cold in seemingly a sweatshirt, our bravehearted and warmblooded Trina is already shedding layers during this “Heat Wave.”

Trina on our trip to Bowling Lanes

2.  We are pruning trees.  Fruit trees and their flowering relatives are traditionally pruned during the Spring months.  We are pruning to maintain the general form and size of the tree while preventing overgrowth and still providing an opportunity for new growth (and a continued supply of fruit.  At our Volunteer Saturday on February 20th Shanna Winters demonstrated to around 20 folks how to strike a balance between preserving some of this year’s flower buds, and thinking ahead to provide strong new branches for the coming year.  We had a wonderful day and everyone was inspired by Shanna’s enthuisiasm!  Thanks Shanna! 


3.  The chickens who went to Arizona for the winter are back.  (Just kidding… these are just more great photos of the volunteer saturday!)

Home, Home on the Free Range

4.  Ann is bicycling to work again!

5.  Signs of life:  rhubarb, garlic, asparagus, daffodils – all showing their faces!

6.  And evidence number six that spring has sprung is:  Picnics are back!  The tables are full once again, and our lunches are being eaten not in the greenhouse, but out in the fresh breezes of spring! 

Happy Spring Everyone!


One Response

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